<h3>Isa style : art of entertaining</h3> <p>Isabelle Chavarot realise the conception of table for a culinary events, she also give professionnal training in "art de la table" and "art de vivre".<br /> Isa style colaborate with different firms like baccarat and christofle, she create a scenery of a diner or lunch.<br /> <a href="moyen_age_eng.htm" title="From middle age to the renaissance">From middle age to the renaissance</a><br /> <a href="baccarat_crillon_eng.htm" title="Decoration for baccarat at the hotel crillon">Decoration for baccarat at the hotel crillon</a>Events sceneray. Launching of the "Jewel" collection. Scenery of the evening.<br /> <a href="table_nature_eng.htm" title="nature table">nature table</a><br /> <a href="origami_eng.htm" title="Scenery at the pavillon de l'orfevre christofle">Scenery at the pavillon de l'orfevre christofle</a><br /> Design of windows and animation for the Christofle's Pavillions; launching of new products and catalogs design.<br /> <a href="tables_exellence_eng.htm" title="Table of excellence">Table of excellence</a>Mot and Chandon, Caveau Napol&eacute;on in Epernay; Moissac Cloister (near Toulouse).<br /> Each table told a story, illustrated with every variety of china and requisites lent by the manufactures; more than 2500 plates for the service operated by the studients of the catering school.<br /> <a href="heure_the_boite_eng.htm" title="scenography around a tea box">scenography around a tea box</a><br /> <a href="heure_the_eng.htm" title="Tea time">Tea time</a>, variation around a tea box and the cookies.</p> <h4><a href="options_eng.htm" title="Design and production of the catalogue options">Design and production of the catalogue options</a></h4> <p>Equipement renting for receptions.<br /> Complete review of the catalog "products", design and production of the catalog "atmosphere", working-out of a picture library for their products.</p>