<h2>Biography of Isabelle Chavarot</h2> <p>Creation, stylisme and conception of decors in the universe of decoration, of events (firms, salons, receptions, festivals, weddings,...) art of entertaining and of food processing.<br /> Professional training among firms (hotels, food industries, gastronomy,...) and art of entertaining Isastyle: Stylisme, Scenography, scenery, Décoration, Art de la table.</p <p>>Transmiting her know-how is a second nature for Isabelle Chavarot; whatever their branch of industry, various companies request ISA STYLE to train their teams with the art of scenery setting, reception and creationsof events.<br /> ISA STYLE conceives and organizes training courses overmeasures ti fulfill the specific marketing requests and the creative requirements of each company.<br /> Isa Style sensitizes with the trends and international way of life.</p> <p>Target :<br /> - Public relations<br /> - Persons in charge of sales outlets and windows dressing <br /> - Persons in charge of visuals and sceneries of the new identity of the brand and products<br /> - Hotel Teams and staff</p> <p>Teaching process : <br /> - Audiovisual on the life styles to sensitize with the current trends.<br /> - Setting in situation to consolidate and optimize knowledge and experiments.<br /> - Practices on the field and preparation, with the tarinees, of the file "Application" to be used afetr the training course.</p> <p>Objects :<br /> - To instigate the commercial and sale teams <br /> - To sensitize and form with art of receiving the hotel teams and staff throughout the world.<br /> <a href="http://www.isastyle.com/bon_marche_eng.htm">Le bon marché exhibitions</a><br /> <a href="http://www.isastyle.com/bd_eng.htm">Exhibitions of cartoons and narrative representation</a><br /> <a href="http://www.isastyle.com/sommaire_eng.htm">Isastyle </a><br /> <a href="http://www.isastyle.com/arts_table_eng.htm">art of entertaining</a><br /> <a href="/moyen_age_eng.htm">From middle age to the renaissance</a><br /> <a href="/baccarat_crillon_eng.htm">Decoration for baccarat at the hotel crillon</a><br /> <a href="/table_nature_eng.htm">nature table</a><br /> <a href="/options_eng.htm">Design and production of the catalogue options</a><br /> <a href="/origami_eng.htm">Scenery at the pavillon de l'orfevre christofle</a><br /> <a href="/tables_exellence_eng.htm">Table of excellence</a><br /> <a href="/heure_the_boite_eng.htm">scenography around a tea box</a><br /> <a href="/heure_the_eng.htm">Tea time</a></p>