<h2>Art of entertaining : tea time</h2> <p>KYOTO : patisserie SuetomiThese sugars evoke cherry trees in blossom, flights of butterflies, wing in the bamboo.The creasing paper and the label: all the esthetics and the refinement of Japan is found in this art of wrapping.<br> LONDON : fragrance and perfume of tea: enjoy the warm scones with red berries marmalade and some whipped cream.A magic moment of happiness that evokes our English friends.<br> <a href="/arts_table_eng.htm">Art of entertaining</a><br> <a href="/sommaire_eng.htm">isastyle</a><br> <a href="/expositions_eng.htm">Exhibition of "art de vivre"</a><br> <a href="/formation_eng.htm">Biography</a><br> <a href="/mercier_eng.htm">Preparation of visuals and scenery about Eugene Mercier</a><br> <a href="/presse_eng.htm">Isa style press</a> <a href="/gallimard_eng.htm">Scenography for Gallimard Collection</a></p>