<h2>Isastyle : scenography for nestle</h2> <p>Realisation of the exhibitions "In the wings of ice cream" Nestlé Grand Froid. <br> Each year Nestle organizes a show to present their new products<br> In the wings of ice creamPurpose of the exhibition: acknowledgement of Nestle high technology in the fabrication of the ice creams and the logs. Isastyle realise the idea of presentation: with various interactive experiences, to make the clients/buyers sensitive to how the quality can be preserved all along the cold chain.<br> A sensation trap made of four boxes in which the hand slipsFor unctuousness: velvet/cashmereFor crunchiness: hazel nut/almondFor lightness: featherFor scents: to blindly guess a perfume by sticking the hand on a scented picture placed in a portfolio.<br> Floors’ contrastTo use the contrast of the floors that corresponds to the state of an ice cream along its conservation keeping in mind that the result should be unctuous.Initiatory journey: The floor is made up of boxes on which we climb and go down to obtain the pursued effect. At each stage : sampling of ice cream samples that corresponds to the floor.<br> <a href="http://www.isastyle.com/bon_marche_eng.htm">Le bon marché exhibitions</a><br> <a href="http://www.isastyle.com/bd_eng.htm">Exhibitions of cartoons and narrative representation</a><br> <a href="http://www.isastyle.com/sommaire_eng.htm">Isastyle </a><br> <a href="http://www.isastyle.com/arts_table_eng.htm">art of entertaining</a><br> <a href="/moyen_age_eng.htm">From middle age to the renaissance</a><br> <a href="/baccarat_crillon_eng.htm">Decoration for baccarat at the hotel crillon</a><br> <a href="/table_nature_eng.htm">nature table</a><br> <a href="/options_eng.htm">Design and production of the catalogue options</a><br> <a href="/origami_eng.htm">Scenery at the pavillon de l'orfevre christofle</a><br> <a href="/tables_exellence_eng.htm">Table of excellence</a><br> <a href="/heure_the_boite_eng.htm">scenography around a tea box</a><br> <a href="/heure_the_eng.htm">Tea time</a></p>