<h2>Isa style : stylist, scenography designer</h2> <p>Isa Style is a scenography and <a href="arts_table_eng.htm">art of entertaining</a> firm.<br /> Creation stylisme and conception of decors in the univers of events(reception, festival, weddings). Isa style also realise art of entertaining and of food processing, professional training among firms.<br /> Sale and commercial professional training in "art de vivre". <br /> Some realisation of the stylist decoration Isa style : <br /> <a href="/arts_table_eng.htm" title="Art of entertaining">Art of entertaining</a><br /> <a href="/expositions_eng.htm" title="Exhibition of "art de vivre"">Exhibition of "art de vivre"</a><br /> <a href="/formation_eng.htm" title="Isastyle Biography">Isastyle Biography</a><br /> <a href="/mercier_eng.htm" title="Preparation of scenery about Eugene Mercier">Preparation of visuals and scenery about Eugene Mercier</a><br /> <a href="/presse_eng.htm" title="Articles wrote by Isa Style journalist">Isa style press</a><br /> <a href="/gallimard_eng.htm" title="Scenography for Gallimard Collection">Scenography for Gallimard Collection</a><br /> <a href="/origami_eng.htm" title="scenery of origami">scenery of origami</a><br> <a href="/tables_exellence_eng.htm" title="table of excellence by isastyle">table of excellence by isastyle</a><br /> <a href="/baccarat_eng.htm" title="Scenography for baccarat">Scenography for baccarat</a><br /> <a href="/baccarat_crillon_eng.htm" title="Art of entertaining for baccarat at the crillon hotel">Art of entertaining for baccarat at the crillon hotel</a><br /> <a href="/options_eng.htm" title="Design and production for the catalog options">Design and production for the catalog options</a><br /> <a href="/table_nature_eng.htm" title="Design of table, art of entertaining">Design of table, art of entertaining</a><br /> <a href="/heure_the_boite_eng.htm" title="Tea box">Tea box</a><br /> <a href="/heure_the_eng.htm" title="tea time">tea time</a><br /> <a href="/table_fete_eng.htm" title="Scenery of festive buffets and table">Scenery of festive buffets and table</a><br /> <a href="/moyen_age_eng.htm" title="scenography of middle age">scenography of middle age</a><br /> <a href="/sculptures_eng.htm" title="scenography of sculpture for nestle">scenography of sculpture for nestle</a><br /> <a href="/nestle_coulisses_eng.htm" title="scenery for nestle">scenery for nestle</a><br /> <a href="/les5sens_eng.htm" title="Nestle's exhibition">Nestle's exhibition</a><br /> <a href="/versaille_eng.htm" title="exhibit for Moet et chandon">exhibit for Moet et chandon</a><br /> <a href="/bon_marche_eng.htm" title="art of entertaining for le bon marché">art of entertaining for le bon marché</a><br /> <a href="/bd_eng.htm" title="Cartoons and narrative representation">Cartoons and narrative representation</a><br /> We are specialized in the decor conception and the scenography for differents events.<br /> Moreover, we profite professional journalists able to write articles on the style art of entertaining for decoration magazine.<br /> We also propose formation on art of entertaining for companies employees. </p>