<h2>The art of entertaining by isastyle</h2> <p>Isastyle scenography of the table of excellence. The “diner de l’excellence” was a concept created by the “Association du Patrimoine Culinaire et des Arts de la Table” ‘A.P.A.C.T.) to associate the French manufactures and the renowned chefs around an exceptional cookery event.It always took place in a prestigious or symbolic spot.Each table told a story, illustrated with every variety of china and requisites lent by the manufacturers; more than 2500 plates for the service operated by the students of the catering schools<br> The first “diner de l’Excellence” took place at Moët & Chandon in the Napoleon Cellar dug in the chalk. It is next to the prestigious cellars of Champagne. Each table had its story : “Flight to even, Descent into hell, Spices and silk, Honey and rosemary”.<br> <a href="http://www.isastyle.com/sommaire_eng.htm">Isastyle exhibition</a> </p>